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Introducing: A New Holistic Approach – Coconut Oil

It’s a good idea to incorporate supplements in your pets diet, as they help boost healthy attributes of natural bodily functions. Many veterinarians and members of the animal care industry aren’t ¬†aware of non-traditional, or “holistic” approaches to animal care, so don’t be surprised if your veterinarian hasn’t heard of the use of coconut oil and the many different benefits it can provide.

One of my favorite things about coconut oil is that most of the other fatty acids available require gal-bladder secretions and bile in order to process them. This means that the body has to work harder in order to process the fatty acid. Because of this, pets with gastro-intestinal issues that are in need of a fatty acid supplements do great on coconut oil.

Uses of Coconut Oil

Those pet owners who find their pet has dry elbows or paw pads can use this product topically on desired areas as a non-toxic moisturizer. Never use human lotions or moisturizers on your pets skin, as they may be toxic to your pet!

Allergy pets in need of a fatty acid supplement will find that coconut oil encourages healthy skin and coat! Many people traditionally tend to stick to fish oils, but in my experience I have witnessed better results with using coconut oil.

-Lauric Acid (the fatty acid found in Coconut Oil) is anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and helps balance the immune system. Sick or injured pets that are in danger of infections will gain benefits from coconut oil.

-Elderly pets, and pets that are active walkers or runners  will reap the benefits of coconut oil, as the supplement actually boosts energy!

-Pet owners of all species can enjoy the benefits of coconut oil!

Where do I get Coconut Oil?

Most grocery stores have coconut oil in stock year round, but on the off chance that your store does not – visit a local vitamin shop. Coconut oil is currently a popular item among human supplements so it should not be hard to find. The jar will come labeled as a cooking ingredient for humans, so be 100% sure to read the label, making sure it is pure coconut oil without any additives. (A Word of Advice: Coconut oil hardens quickly and will be in its up-most solid form when sitting in the air-conditioned grocery store. Let your jar sit in a cupboard over night before use.)